Saturday Morning Reflections

January 6th, 2018

with patrick 

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   Song Title Album Artist(s)


I'll Wait Journeys Salt of the Sound


Lost Fire Fall Grace Williams


Atmosphere of Heaven Take Me Away Grace Williams


My Garden The Father Sings Alberto & Kimberly Rivera
  Going Deeper Deeper Still Kimberly & Alberto Rivera


Waiting Here Waiting Sean Feucht
  Dynamite Desire Like Dynamite Sandra McCracken
  Songs of Deliverance
Psalm 32:1-7
Scripture Songs, Volume One Sherri Youngward
  I Spoke Up The Undoing Steffany Gretzinger
  7:00AM Psalm 63 Psalms Robbie Seay Band
with Lindsey Kidd
  Solomon's Song Blink Plumb
  How Great Thou Art The Hymn Project Aprilmade with
AJ Rafael
  Sweet Sorrow In Feast or Fallow Sandra McCracken
  Open My Hands Invisible Empires Sara Groves
  To Fall Asleep In Your Arms My Heart to Heaven Echo Broke Alone
  At the Cross Sons and Daughters Sherri Youngward
  Stay Gather and Build: A Collection Jars of Clay
  Fire Away Straightjacket Steven Delopoulos
  Heart of the Heart The Enduring Story - A Retrospective Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
  Ruin of the Beast Straightjacket Steven Delopoulos


Face In The Dark More Than You Think The Ember Days
  Ruin of the Beast Straightjacket Steven Delopoulos
   Thin Places Closer to the Burning Sean Feucht
  Lead Us Back Before the Throne Sojourn
  Fall Asleep Inland Jars of Clay
  My Child Blink Plumb
  God's Eternal Now Wounded Healer The Followers
  I Know What the World Was Like single Allie Rogers
  Halls of Heaven
(allegory of the cabin)
Tremble Alathea
  Vidi Aquam I Must Find You Young Oceans
  Sacred Place Twilight Future of Forestry
  Only From You A Table Full of Strangers, Volume 2 Jason Upton