JANUARY 3rd, 2015



I was not able to be in, "live," for the program on this day.

Next week, January 10th, I will be in with new songs for 2015 Saturday Morning Reflections
and some old favorites as well. The format will be consistent with what you have come
to expect as we ease into the weekends together, but will feature more "soaking" music
during the 6 O'clock hour, more singer-songwriters in the 7 O'clock hour, continuing
into the 8 O'clock hour and often ending with thematic worship.
The program is designed for personal reflection, transparency,
and reaching out to glimpse into eternal reality in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Each Saturday morning, 6 to 9
on Fortress 1230AM, WKBO

Here is a taste of what you will hear:

Jeremy Casella, Letter to an Old Friend
recorded at Forgotten Genre Studios in Lancaster, PA

Here Jeremy talks about his new album with some good insight on a resurrected life:


And Ruth Fazal, with an example of "soaking music"

And another by Ruth Geisel